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Meet The Speakers

The Manufactures

Fred Maunu

Like most family business’ go the story starts at home. Fred learned a strong work ethic from his dad and from his mom the value of a home that is clean and welcoming. Fred got his start at the young age of fifteen working at a small janitorial supply store / cleaning company owned by a family friend. In 2003 Fred realized that having safe and effective products was a serious necessity. The goal was to create a line that outperformed all other cleaning products while being safe. Also equally important was protecting and prolonging the life of delicate surfaces. These delicate surfaces once only found in high-end homes are now found in all homes today.

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Daniel Priester

Born 5th of July 1977 Mr. Priester is married with two children. Their ages are 10 and 12. Mr. Priester has been a shareholder with the company for 43 years and became the CEO in 2015. His daily responsibilities have ranged from sales and marketing to business development. Known for commercial shredders and cutters they entered the realm of air purification within the last decade.

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Wendy Thompson

Wendy has been with Nellie’s exactly 10 years now.  She began in Customer Service after leaving her General Manager job in retail.  When she started with the company, the wholesale division of Nellie’s was just starting to grow.  she offered to assist the wholesale manager at the time and quickly educated herself on the sales side of the business. As Nellie’s grew, she grew her role within the company. Wendy is a mum to three great kids – two of which play junior hockey (typical Canadians) and 1 is a dancer. She married her high school boyfriend and have been together over 20 years.

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John Gregory

John has been relentlessly studying, practicing and training vac shop sales for the last 40 years. Along the way he's discovered how to sell more than 1,000 high end vacuums every year from his humble shops in upstate New York. Now John helps other shops to grow, profit and take their business to the next level with VRS University.

Joe Faillace

Joe brings marketing experience from a range of industries and fresh eyes to the vac business. Joe's background in digital marketing has helped to significantly increase revenue for John's 2 shops in Upstate New York. Leveraging the internet and customer remarketing, sales growth has taken off and has helped to shape the VRS Sales System. Now Joe helps other shops to grow, profit and take their business to the next level with VRS University.

The Advocates

Liz Barhite

Liz and her brothers have literally grew up in the vacuum business.  Their dad "sucked" them all into the business including mom, Liz and all 5 brothers.  Over the years cousins, nieces and nephews joined the biz.  Liz and her brothers now own Arvada Vacuum and Broomfield Vacuum in Colorado.  Their Arvada Store is going into its 49th year and Broomfield into its 45th year in business.  Liz loves the biz and is so grateful particularly over this last year to be in a business that made it through all the craziness.

Jon Ellis

Jon was born and raised in a family Vacuum & Sewing store in the Bay Area. His father Dave owned a shop for 40 years.

Jon branched out independently about 9 years ago and bought his own store in Los Gatos, California.  He enjoys helping people find great quality products that make their lives simpler and healthier!

Steve Gates

After going to college in Maine, Steve went to work for Dick's Sporting Goods for 10 years. Steve was involved in many of the new store openings. He left Dick's to work on Wall St. He was an international Eurobroker for 2 years. Then Steve decided to buy his Dad's business, Northgate Vacuum, Binghamton New York, in 1997. Steve's father was a very successful Electrolux sales man. Since then he has diversified the store somewhat with portable heaters, air purifiers and water conditioners.

Steve has a wife and a 16 year old daughter who is really into sports. Steve helps coach her varsity basketball team and her travel softball team. Northgate Vacuum was established in 1987.

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