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Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center is a California based cleaning supply company. All of the solutions are as safe as possible without sacrificing cleaning performance and come with a money back guarantee. Fred’s is a great company with a track record of successfully developing brand loyal customers and repeat business. One of the best parts about Fred’s is the ease of doing business. Fred’s has an amazing free freight program nationwide that will save you a ton of headaches! Fred's also offers monthly specials for you and your customers!

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Highlighted Products


Daily Counter Cleaner

Fred’s Daily Counter Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your natural stone and hard surfaces. Use this product as often as needed to remove dirt and grime from all counter tops including polished marble, granite, limestone, travertine, or ceramic tile. This can be used as an all purpose cleaner on any hard washable surface such as table tops, walls, cabinets, floors, fixtures, sinks, etc.

It comes in 32oz bottles and refill gallons. It is usually sold with the weekly counter polish.

MSRP $19.00-$57.00

Weekly Counter Polish

Fred’s Weekly Counter Polish is a special formula designed to safely protect and polish counter tops and faucet fixtures. Safe to use on any above-the-floor hard surface to protect and make future cleaning easier!

Use with Fred’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels or Fred’s Microfiber Applicator Sponge/ Use Fred’s Daily Counter Cleaner to pre-clean and maintain surfaces

MSRP $21.00

Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner

Fred’s Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner will finally make having stainless steel appliances and sinks easy to maintain. No streaking, no buffing, no need to follow the grain.

This product will make you enjoy having stainless steel again! Guaranteed! It cleans, shines, and protects your investment. It also works great on your outdoor stainless steel barbecue.

MSRP $18.00

Enzyme Carpet Pre-Srpay Spot Remover

Fred’s Enzyme Carpet Pre-Spray Spot Remover is a natural enzyme based product with multiple uses. Is safe to use on carpet, wet cleanable upholstery, laundry, vehicle interiors and other wet cleanable surfaces. Great for pet accidents or other biohazard stains such as blood, urine or fecal matter. Removes tough soil, oil, grease, vomit, blood, food stains and urine stains. Every household needs this product on hand at all times.

This product is available in 32oz spray bottles and gallon refills.

MSRP $17.00-$51.00

Citrus Shine

Fred’s Citrus Shine wax-free furniture polish is Fred’s favorite product for maintaining fine woods and lacquer finishes. It comes out in a foam that is easy to control and will pull dirt out of crevices. It contains NO silicone or wax which can cause build up. It dusts, cleans, restores, polishes, and shines many surfaces. This product is great for shining up plastics as well.

MSRP $14.00

Soclean Wood Floor Cleaner

Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your unwaxed* polyurethane finished and laminate wood floors. Fred’s SoClean is also great on sealed wood cabinets and laminate counters. Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner will leave your floors noticeably cleaner and brighter than the leading brand name product! This is because Fred’s SoClean doesn’t have an alcohol base, so your floors will not dull or have any residue when you are finished!!  Streak Free beautiful floors are easy with Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner. This product will outperform all other wood floor cleaning products on the market. Fred is so sure, he enables his dealers to offer a money back guarantee!

This product is available in 32oz spray bottles and gallon refills.

MSRP $18.00-$54.00


Microfiber Mop Kit With Two Pads

Fred’s Microfiber Mop Kit includes extendable handle, mop base and two reusable microfiber cleaning pads. This mop is perfect for home and office use. It uses the revolutionary microfiber material which is 50 times softer than cotton, super absorbent, grabs dirt like a magnet, and is super durable. Save money and the environment, and stop using disposable paper mops! This versatile tool is made from ultra lightweight aluminum and has a telescopic handle. The pads simply stick to the bottom of the mop base. It can be used as a dry mop using the optional Fred’s Micro Dustmop Head to easily pick up dust, hair and other dry soil.

MSRP $45.00

Microfiber Ultra Plush Towels 4 Pack

Fred’s Microfiber Ultra Plush Towels are 16″x16″ microfiber towels. Super thick, lint free, 50 times softer than cotton, and won’t leave streaks on glass or paint. Can be used and washed hundreds of times and still maintain their like new condition.

Fred’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels can even clean delicate surfaces without using chemicals. Fred recommends these towels be used for cleaning furniture, glass, crystal, marble, metal polishing, stainless steel appliances, pianos, and especially on vehicles paint. This material is the best thing to happen to cleaning in a long time!

MSRP $16.00


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