Highlighted Dealer September

Highlighted Dealer
September 2019


Nashua Sew And Vac

Nashua Sew and Vac has been in business since 1987 as a sewing and vacuum cleaner store. According to owners Ruthie and Eddie, Their business has
"changed dramatically over the years but every day we strive to give quality customer service and have fun with our customers. This is what gets customers to get in their car and drive to the store rather than staying home and pressing a button with Amazon and like companies. We are thankful to have new products like Nellie's and BONECO to show that we are always looking for something different to improve the customers lifestyle."
They became a BONECO dealer this year at the VDTA when Eddie met with the manager of BONECO at their booth. Eddie brought up the air quality of the hotel and Las Vegas in general being so dry he could barely sleep. The BONECO Manager gave him a U7146 to try in his room for the night. At that point Eddie was extremely interested in the line.
The U7146 is a super handy, travel humidifier that uses disposable water bottles as the source of water to create humidity. The variable output control lets you set the humidity output just as you like. It has an auto shut off so if you're asleep and the water bottle runs out, the machine turns off automatically. This allows you to enjoy, pleasantly humid air even when on the road, in a hotel or vacationing in a dryer area.
When Nashua Sew and Vac brought the BONECO line into their store. They brought the air purifiers home because they suffer from allergies. They put an air purifier in the master bedroom and one in the living and they have helped a lot.
"We tell the story every day at work and our customers are thrilled to give them a chance. Every customer has been 100% satisfied. The fans have also been a big hit to move air…the best part about the fans and the other products as well is that they look modern and sleek and still do their job!"
Beyond BONECO, Nashua has also had great success with Nellie's. They love to demo the WOW Mop because of how easy and fun it is to demo and because of the successful demo, sold rates and "be back" success rates.
"If you do not sell it at the first demonstration…customers come back to buy it because they cannot stop thinking about it!"
Eddie and Ruthie of Nashua Sew and Vac have been great customers of ours since the beginning. What we love about their business mindset the most is that they look forward to bringing new quality products to their customers and they thrive doing it!

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