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Elevated Product Marketing with our partners are presenting our first ever virtual trade show. At this show dealers, prospects and industry guests will have the chance to hear from us, current dealers and manufactures / distributors about the products we offer. Just like other trade shows there will be a door prize and special offers. Make sure you're in attendance and ZOOM in! Sign up for the trade show and a link to our zoom conference will be made available at the beginning of March.

Show Information

  • When: Sunday March 21st, 2021 from 2PM EST until 4PM EST
  • What: A virtual trade show showcasing Elevated Product Marketing, Fred's Fine Cleaning Center, IDEAL, Nellie's & VacuumRepairShop.com
  • Where: The Comfort of your own home. Seriously sit back and relax!
  • Cost: Free!!!
  • Registration: Registration is required and will begin March 2nd, 2021. There will be a limited amount of seats so make sure you register. Also registration is the first of two steps involved in entering for a chance to win our door prize!


  • 2:00PM - 2:20PM - Elevated Product Marketing
      • Introduction of all the brands we represent
      • What we’re doing to help our dealers sell more: Elevated Home Products and our online marketing campaign
      • New Initiatives for 2021 and beyond that have not announced yet!
      • Speakers: Jeff and Andrew Merrill of Elevated Product Marketing
  • 2:21PM - 2:40PM - Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center

    • Why Fred's is the best cleaning supply line for your customers and your store(s)
    • A special offer from Fred's Fine Cleaning Center
    • Speakers: Andrew Merrill of Elevated Product Marketing, Liz Barhite of Arvada Vacuum and Fred Maunu of Fred's Fine Cleaning Center
  • 2:41PM - 3:00 PM - VacuumRepairShop.com
    • What is VacuumRepairShop.com
    • What services do they offer
    • How to sell more to your current customer base
    • General in store and online marketing practices
    • a special offer from VacuumRepairShop.com
    • Speakers: Jeff Merrill of Elevated Product Marketing, John Gregory and Joe Faillace of VacuumRepairShop.com
  • 3:01PM - 3:20PM - IDEAL
    • How IDEAL will replace IQ AIR in our marketplace
    • The history and future of the company
    • IDEAL's US distribution
    • A special offer from IDEAL
    • Speakers: Andrew Merrill of Elevated Product Marketing, Jon Ellis of All Things Clean and a member from the IDEAL team
  • 3:21PM - 3:40PM - Nellie's
    • Nellie's place in the vacuum stores
    • New products
    • History of the company
    • A special offer from Nellie's
    • Speakers: Jeff Merrill of Elevated Product Marketing, Steve Gates of Northgate Vacuum and Wendy Thompson of Nellie's
  • 3:41PM - 4:00PM - Question and Answers
    • A few questions from our audience members will be fielded by our ZOOM admin throughout the trade show
    • She will pick questions directed towards different speakers. At this time she will read questions to who they are addressed to

Keep An Eye Out For Registration!
See You On March 21st!

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