Introducing The New H300 Hybrid By Boneco

Introducing The New H300 Hybrid By Boneco

The Boneco H300 Hybrid is a great humidifier / air purifier that is sold in specialty retail stores. This is a very unique appliance that can be programed to be used as either a humidifier or an air purifier or both. Great product for people who live in dry areas or seasonally dry area. Air purifiers are great for people with allergies. Humidifiers are great for people who suffer from dry eyes, noses and throats, respiratory infections, eczema, itchy skin, psoriasis and asthma. There is a lot to talk about with this appliance and there are a lot of people who would benefit from owning the H300 Hybrid. With a MAP of $379.99 and a large potential customerbase, the H300 Hybrid has what it takes to be a mainstream addition in your store. 


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